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Special FLAT rates to/from DENVER

SPECIAL FLAT RATE move from Las Vegas to/from Denver  

only $2100 - $2800 (Longmont $2950)
as of 7/18: $2035 16’ or $2725 26’


Price depends on what size rental truck, and days doing your move. Includes 2-4 of us loading or unloading, one of us doing the drive, and in Denver one of us with a qualified Denver helpers loading or unloading, and one of us flying to/from Denver (cheapest flight possible!).


Price is TRUE flat rate!  Includes truck rental, LDW, tax, fuel, dollies, blankets, & labor.


Note: this is for at least a three week notice. Last minute jobs may be bit more $ for flight.


All you have to do is have everything packed and ready to be loaded into truck. If you’re outside Denver area, just ask us and we can add on minimal amount possible to cover almost anywhere in Colorado!

Just need

Or how about $400!


That’s right! For only $400, I’ll drive your truck Vegas to/from Denver  

(loading/unloading at our standard rate if needed)


Call or email me today!


(yes, TWO o’s in email addy!)

I’ll rent a car and do all the driving for you! And whatever LEGAL items I can pack in the car and deliver for you!

(720) 722-3868 Bo