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Moving Buddies
You rent a truck & we’ll do the work!
Terms & Conditions!

We DON’T have insurance!

BUT: check with your home owners/renters insurance. I’ve heard they cover items that might get damaged or stolen in a move!

Plus, research customers experiences when dealing with the big, “real” moving companies and their “insurance”! We’ve heard nothing but bad reports about that/them!


1. If we’re driving your stuff out of town, we use a good padlock (or your’s you supply)


2. We use common sense! If staying over night, pick as decent an area as we can afford, back the truck up to a wall when possible, always lock the doors when doing food/fuel breaks, etc.


3. We have good karma! And I was a boy scout and am a US Army veteran.


4. You can rent the truck and add me as an extra driver, then purchase whatever insurance the truck company offers (but as of now, I don’t believe any of them offer protection against theft). BUT: I’ve never had anything stolen out of truck (or truck stolen), so knock on wood!