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Moving Buddies
You rent a truck & we’ll do the work!
Terms & Conditions!

Full flat rate - TOTAL move prices!

Includes 1-4 of us loading and unloading, 1-2 of us doing the drive (and possibly hiring  1-3 local guys to help us!)

Includes truck rental, LDW, tax, fuel, dollies, blankets, & labor.(subtract $100 if no stairs on unload)


All you have to do is have everything packed and ready to be loaded into truck


$1400 -  16’ truck (2-4 guys)

$1700 - 26’ truck (2-4 guys)

$800 -  cargo van (1 guy)

$900 -  cargo van with 2 guys

$1100 -  16’ truck with 1 guy




Other options: (you rent truck, pay gas, expenses, etc)

$500 - DRIVING only YOUR 16’ rental truck  

$600 - DRIVING only YOUR 26’ rental truck
Includes my travel expenses, flight home, and fee. If you need my help loading/unloading, see our regular hourly rates.





Vegas to LOS ANGELES & PHOENIX areas

Just need
CAR driver
or courier?
Contact us
for details


(720) 722-3868 Bo

Only a few if

* truck can’t get close to house


* any ferry, tolls, etc charges involved


* weather forces extra day or so

Possible more on our INFO PAGE


Details on deposits, when to order, refunds, and more: click DETAILS!

Prices for LA/Phoenix TO Vegas are slight higher - contact us for those!