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You rent a truck & we’ll do the work!
Terms & Conditions!

Special FLAT rates to/from PORTLAND OREGON

$700 - DRIVING only your 16’ rental truck  

$800 - DRIVING only your 26’ rental truck
Includes my travel expenses, flight home, and fee. If you need my help loading/unloading, see our regular hourly rates.


$2800 - Full flat rate TOTAL move price for 16’ truck

$3300 - Full flat rate TOTAL move price for  26’ truck

Includes 2-4 of us loading or unloading, one of us doing the drive, and in Portland one of us and 2-4 Portland helpers loading or unloading, and one of us flying to/from Portland.


Price is TRUE flat rate!  Includes truck rental, LDW, tax, fuel, dollies, blankets, & labor.


Note: this is for at least a three week notice. Last minute jobs may be a bit more $ for flight


All you have to do is have everything packed and ready to be loaded into truck. City elsewhere in Oregon? Same price or additional charge to ANYWHERE!

Just need
CAR driver
or courier?
Contact us
for details

(720) 722-3868 Bo



But extra charge if

* truck can’t pull right up to house


* any ferry, tolls, etc charges involved


* weather forces extra day or so