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Moving Buddies
You rent a truck & we’ll do the work!
Terms & Conditions!

Loading / unloading your rental truck, PODS Container, ABF/ESTES Trailer by the hour


1 & 2 story - 1 man $40 per hour, 2 men $70 per hour,

3 is $100hr, 4 is $125hr, 5 is $150hr, 6 is $175hr


You can see a few prices breaks at 2 guys & 4 or more!
Larger jobs use more guys, at our discretion with your confirmation.

You’ll end up paying about the same total since jobs go faster & with less fatigue

(safer for your items and us!)
Extras:  3 story jobs - add $5hr per man

Last minute, night time, “on-call”, or unusual jobs: ASK!

What do we do? See below for details and prices of each service.

All hourly jobs have a 2 hr minimum charge, payable in cash at end of job



Zelle, Credit card/paypal accepted  (cc/pp add 4% to prices)


Services Include:

Loading / Unloading

Flat Rate moves Out-of-state



Flat Rates to/from other States





Previous price below - they tend

to rise over time


Las Vegas TO:


LA or Phoenix: CLICK HERE

Denver, CO  - Click HERE
Portland, OR  - Click HERE
Seattle, WA   - Click HERE
San Francisco Bay - 16' $1700  26' $2200
San Diego CA - 16' $1400  26’ $2000


Albuquerque - 26’ w/buddy driving car/client $3100 (12/18)

Boston area - 26' truck - $7100

Carolina (N or S!) - 16’ $3600  26’ $4500
(Carolina to Denver only $200 more!)

Florida, Jacksonville - 26’ towing car $7,500 (7/18)
*26’ pulling car carrier
Florida, Tampa - 16' truck - $6100
Montana  - 26' truck - $5200

New York, NY - 26' truck - $7500

Ohio, Columbus TO Vegas - 16’ $4300

Philadelphia/Delaware - 26’ $5500
Pittsburgh (less than Phily!)

St George, UT - 16' truck - $950
St George FROM LA - 26’  $2500 (4/19)

TX, Dallas or Austin - 26’ TOWING car $5400 (4/19)

TX, El Paso - 26’ truck  $3700

TX, Houston - 16’ truck $2700


Save up to $400 or so off some of these

prices! Ask us!


For other destinations, ask us and we can
put a flat rate together for you.



Out of state rates are true flat rates:

no extra charges! Includes truck rental, fuel, mileage, blankets, dollies, labor, simple assembly/un assembly.

If you are doing a reverse move from out-of-state location TO Las Vegas area,

we can do that too, usually an extra charge - just ask us!
You have to be packed and ready to go. If you need us to pack, we can

do that before moving day, see below for our packing job rates.


References and reviews are available on this site and on Yelp

Packing - Separate job prior to moving day only

You supply all packing materials : boxes, tape, plastic wrap etc

$50 hr for two people - 2hr minimum (more people $20hr)


Out of state move

Typical payment schedules

MOST Deposits are refundable (partial or full - details given/on request)


350 miles or less from Vegas:
$100 deposit asap, then most at least week before move, then balance after job done before leaving your place.


More than 350 miles mite need 3 week notice for these prices, non-refundable flight deposit mite be needed asap, then most at least week before move, then balance after job done before leaving your place.


These are CASH prices

Payments in cash, credit card/paypal, or Bank transfer (Zelle or BOA)



Credit Card/Paypal payments
require 4% surcharge


Flat rates include EVERYTHING! Only extras might be if there are tolls/ferrys, or your location or other things change or are
different than described

Loading / Unloading

Prices subject to change! Contact us for exact current price!
Extra charges/deposit probable for Winter!